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Product: Patroller_XQH_X020

Positive and negative zero air purifier XQH-X020 (white) [Original Licensed]


Meet the needs of restaurants: clean air output ratio (CADR): 203.6 cubic meters / hour, 34 cubic meters (about 1,200 cubic feet) space purification no less than 6 times per hour.

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Warranty period: 12 month(s)


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Quiet, powerful filtration efficiency

HEPA H14 powerful medical grade filter effectively purifies the air, removes PM2.5, pollen, virus and odor,
The minimalist design integrated into the living place is more satisfied with the harmony and beautification of the space.

CADR value up to 203.6m 3 /h

Meet the needs of restaurants: clean air output ratio (CADR): 203.6 cubic meters / hour, 34 cubic meters (about 1,200 cubic feet) space purification no less than 6 times per hour.

Extra large medical grade filter

Using extra-large area HEPA H14 medical grade purification filter, it can effectively capture 99.97% of air pollutants and micro particles, plus two layers of anti-filter and one layer of activated carbon deodorization filter, which can effectively inhibit bacteria *1 , dust mites Feces and corpses*2, pollen *3 , viruses *4 , formaldehyde *5 , etc.

generate indoor air convection

The upward ventilation design helps to generate indoor air convection to achieve the most ideal filtration efficiency.


Slim body, does not take up space

The ultra-slim body is only about 13cm thick, so it doesn't take up too much space no matter where it is placed.


Intuitive control panel, clear and easy to use

There are five operating modes of automatic, silent, standard, rapid and pollen, and it is equipped with a 1, 2, and 4-hour timer shutdown function.
LED indicators can display the current operating mode. When the machine senses air pollution, the CLEAN SIGN indicator will change from green to red.


High-efficiency HEPA H14 medical-grade activated carbon antibacterial and deodorizing filter ,
4-layer structure, effectively filter and purify pollen, PM2.5, formaldehyde and odor.

※1 Test method: The antibacterial ability of the filter against bacteria is tested by the film adhesion method. Test unit: Japan Food Analysis Center *2 Test method: The ability of the filter to inhibit the feces and carcasses of dust mites was tested by enzyme immunoassay. Test unit: Department of Fiber, Shinshu University ※3 Test method: Test the ability of the filter to inhibit pollen by the isoelectric focusing method. Test unit: Department of Fiber, Shinshu University ※4 Test method: The anti-virus test method is used to test the ability of the filter to inhibit viruses. Test unit: Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health *5 Measured by our company according to the JEM formaldehyde removal standard test method. (Space area about 117ft 2 )

Detailed specifications

product name Air Purifier
model XQH-X020
power consumption About 60W (fast) / about 30W (standard) / about 20W (silent)
CADR value About 203.6m 3 /h
mode of operation Rapid / Standard / Silent / AUTO / Pollen
Air volume Approx. 3.2m 3 /h (Rapid) / Approx. 1.5m 3 /h (Standard) / Approx. 0.6m 3 /h (Silent)
dust sensor equipped with
odor sensor equipped with
Applicable floor area (target㥀) about 34m 2
filter element HEPA H14 + Deodorant Activated Carbon + Antibacterial
Filter size

W380mm x H300mm x D20mm

Filter life about 2 years
Product Size H404mm x W431mm x D132mm
material Body: ABS resin, steel
product weight About 4.8kg (including filter element)
Off timer About 1, 2, 4 hours
Power cord length About 1.8m
Rated voltage AC 220~240V / 50Hz
Other functions Child safety lock, filter detection function
Maintenance period 1 year from date of purchase

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    Email: info@patroller.com.hk
    Customer service hotline: 2115 9029
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