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Product: LKM_PZ_SO26

PZO Light Touch Multi-Function Steam Oven (9 in 1) 25 Liters PZ-SO26


  • The latest PZO Multi-Function Steam Oven (PZ-SO26) has 9 functions in one
  • One machine with multiple effects, super powerful functions
  • Can perfectly interpret a variety of cooking techniques such as steaming, baking, braising, stewing, roasting, etc.
  • From snacks, exquisite dishes, fun desserts to moisturizing soups, it can be prepared quickly
  • It's not difficult to cook three dishes and one meal of Mizhi's even series.
  • Rated capacity: 25 liters


Deliver within 13 to 14 working day(s)

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feature of product

  • The 9 major functions include pure steaming, steaming, grilling, hot air convection, rotating grilling, fermentation, heat preservation, thawing, and high temperature sterilization.
  • The 25-liter oven compartment is divided into multiple layers, which can cook different foods in two layers at the same time to improve cooking efficiency.
  • The manufacturing process is strict and meticulous. The simple line design and high-quality materials show the beauty of simplicity.
  • The silver body, glass panel, and touch screen display present a pleasing visual performance; the stylish appearance definitely meets the requirements of housewives who love beauty.
  • The desktop or built-in design can also fit into your kitchen appropriately, adding more flexibility.
  • A front-mounted exhaust pipe is specially added for guests to choose, which can be deployed at any time regardless of whether it is a table or a built-in type. The unique front-mounted exhaust vent design avoids the release of steam behind the stove, making the kitchen cabinets cleaner and hygienic. The intimate design is highly appreciated.
  • Product function and cooking power:
  • Pure steaming (100°C): The function allows food to preserve their flavor, vitamins and minerals, and appearance; it can also maintain a moist and full taste and the original flavor of the food.
  • Steaming and roasting (100°C-230°C): The function is steam and roasting in one cooking. The temperature can be selected from 100°C to 230°C. Steam is generated while baking, making the cake softer and the grilled meat more juicy.
  • Barbecue (100°C-230°C)
  • Hot air convection (100°C-230°C): It can be operated at different temperatures from 100°C to 230°C. With little or no cooking oil, the traditional frying effect can be achieved, which is healthier than traditional frying cooking.
  • Rotating grill (100°C-230°C)
  • Preset fermentation temperature (40°C): Reduces the risk of bacteria growing when the dough is left at room temperature and waiting for fermentation. Suitable for dough fermentation, such as pancake bottom or dough.
  • Preset defrosting temperature (60°C): Generally, defrosting in a microwave oven will cook part of the raw meat. However, the 50°C defrosting function of the PZO Multifunctional Steam Oven (PZ-SO26) only takes a few minutes to defrost the ingredients and restore the softness of the meat.
  • Preset high temperature sterilization function (105°C): especially suitable for sterilizing baby milk bottles and tableware, etc.
  • Preset holding temperature (40°C): Can hold food


Attached accessories

  • Barbecue rack-to place various grilled food / food tray-to contain dripping juice and food scraps / tray-to receive fallen oil and food scraps
  • Turning skewer component-fixed roast chicken, pigeon or spare ribs and other ingredients
  • Barbecue handle-assist in taking out the skewer assembly
  • Bakeware handle-assist in taking out the food pan and grill
  • Front exhaust pipe-can be used for embedded installation
  • Silicone insulated gloves
  • Powerful absorbent sponge
  • Long-mouth water bottle
  • Practical recipes
  • Manual
  • Product warranty


Product specifications

  • Model and name: PZ-SO26 Multifunctional Steam Oven
  • Installation method: desktop or embedded
  • Operation type: touch
  • Opening and closing method: drop-down door
  • Body cavity: 304 stainless steel
  • Body color: silver
  • Rated voltage: 220V-240V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Rated power: 1800W
  • Rated capacity: 25 liters
  • Evaporation tray capacity: 500cc
  • Gross weight: 14 kg
  • Net weight: 9.6 kg
  • Carton size: height 390 x width 584 x depth 464 mm
  • Stove body size: height 340 x width 503 x depth 390 mm
  • Oven cavity size: height 200 x width 340 x depth 300 mm
  • * If using "front exhaust pipe", the height is up to 365 mm


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General terms

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Exchange Policy

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