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Product: SEIMEI_OnePro

SEIMEI ONE Pro - ALL IN ONE Nutritional Supplement



  • Comprehensive immune system improvement
  • Specific enhancement to the brain, gut & bone health
  • Deep cell activation with NMN


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SEIMEI ONE Pro is exclusively developed by a global team of nutrition experts. The all-in-one balanced formula combines a variety of nutrients in a small packet through scientific ratios to safely and effectively ensure a balanced and comprehensive daily nutrition intake, to improve the overall body function and immune system, enabling the body to glow with youthful energy.

  • Comprehensive immune system improvement:high-quality nutrients with scientific ratio, safe and effective
  • Specific enhancement to the health of three key body systems:Brain, gut & stomach, bones & muscles
  • Deep cell activation with NMN


Suitable For

Sub-healthy individuals who show various signs of aging such as insomnia, hair loss, loose skin, and depression, indicating an overall decline in bodily functions.



Take 1-2 sachets daily, take with meals, and dissolve 1 sachet in 100-120ml of water.

The product can be dissolved in room temperature water, ice water (quick stirring is required to facilitate dissolution) or warm water below 35 degrees Celsius according to personal preference.



Milk Protein (Whey Protein from the U.S.A., and Casein (lactose-free) from Ireland)、Isomalt、water-soluble Dietary Fiber、powdered oils and fats (Medium Chain Fatty Acid Oil)、Maltodextrin、Flaxseed Oil powder(Flaxseed Oil,Dextrin,Milk Peptides, Sugarcane Extract)、Galactomannan Hydrolyzate、L-carnitine、Shark Cartilage Extract、NMN (Beta-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)、Fish Oil Powder、 Yeast Extract/、vegetable oil containing Vitamin E、 Zinc-enriched yeast、Manganese-enriched Yeast、 Bifidobacteria Powder、Chromium-enriched Yeast、RNA、Molybdenum-enriched yeast、Iodine-enriched yeast、Selenium-enriched Yeast、Copper-enriched Yeast、Biotin-enriched Yeast/Lecithin、Emulsifier、Cellulose、Calcined Calcium、Trehalose、Magnesium Sulfate、Potassium Chloride、Silicon Dioxide、Inositol、L-Arginine、VC 、 flavouring (Taurine)、sweeteners (Acesulfame Potassium)、 Iron Pyrophosphate、flavouring、Niacin、Calcium Pantothenate、V.B6、V.A、V.B1、V.B2、 Folic Acid、Beta-carotene、V.K、V.D、V.B12、(allergen information: contains dairy and soybeans)

General Terms:

  • Items sold are non-refundable.
  • The quality assurance for products should have at least 6 months validity from the date of receipt by the customer.
  • The products are supplied by Seimei Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited.
  • If in case of any dispute, Seimei Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited and Health.ESDlife reserve the right of final decision.


Delivery Terms:

  • Free local delivery service will be provided upon transaction amount of HK$600. For spending less than HKD$600, HKD$20 delivery fee will be charged.
  • We will arrange the shipment within 1-3 working days after the order is confirmed. 
  • Please note that the delivery time will be affected by statutory holidays, natural disasters, traffic or the weather.
  • All order confirmations are subject to stock availability. In the event of the unavailability of the requested products, health.ESDlife has the right to reject the order and notify customers by phone or email before delivery for rearrangements.


Exchange Policy:

  • Customers are responsible to check the condition of goods received at the time of delivery. Once confirmed, no replacement is accepted.
  • Products shall be kept in the original package with good conditions for return or exchange. Products that has been worn, used, or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange.
  • If any other defective or missing item is found, customers are required to keep the original receipt and contact SEIMEI Customer Service Department via the below channels within 3 days from the date of delivery.
    Email: enquiry@seimei.com
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