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The Gen Super Sanzou

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  • Help delay spikes in blood sugar
  • Promote body fat breakdown
  • Clean up blood vessel garbage
  • Speed up the effect of weight management
  • Helps excretion

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Suitable for

People who care about blood sugar health





main ingredient

Five-layer dragon, cassia seed, psyllium, mulberry leaf, turmeric, guava, etc.


internal volume

360 capsules


How to eat

Take morning and evening, 3-4 capsules each time, increase as needed, up to 12 capsules a day


preservation method

In order to maintain the product quality, please tighten the cap after opening and store in a cool place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight


Nutrition Information Per Serving (12 capsules)

Energy/Energy: 10.93 kcal/kcal

Protein/Protein: 0.27 g/g

Total Fat: 0.11g/g

Carbohydrates/Carbohydrates: 51.5 g/g

Sugar/Sugar: 1.45g/g

Sodium: 0.01 g/g

Potassium/Potassium: 79.5 mg/mg

Calcium: 26.41mg/mg

Magnesium: 19.63 mg/mg

Iron/Iron: 1.52 mg/mg

Manganese/Manganese: 0.47 mg/mg

Zinc/Zinc: 0.09 mg/mg



Pregnant and lactating women, children, and people with poor liver and kidney function should not take it; please do not take it at the same time as blood sugar, weight loss or blood lipid lowering drugs

The product is not used for therapeutic purposes. If you have individual diseases, please consult your doctor before taking or drinking.

The product has passed the sampling test of the Food Safety Center of the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and confirmed that it is not affected by radiation


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