Formaldehyde Removal Services Hong Kong | 4 Formaldehyde Removal Services Comparison and Price


Move-in, renovation and home furnishing often trigger formaldehyde to remain in the household. Formaldehyde is one of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which impacts our health. There are several formaldehyde removal products, if you prefer DIY, you may consider formaldehyde removal spray, whereas if you are not a DIY person, formaldehyde removal air purifier and formaldehyde /VOC removal services can also help you alleviate worries led by formaldehyde.


This article addressed the impacts of formaldehyde on human and introduced various methods on how to remove formaldehyde and VOC in Hong Kong, including the photocatalysis solution. We also compared different formaldehyde removal methods, products and prices etc.

What is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde (HCHO) is one of the most common Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that is colourless, transparent and pungent. It is usually found in building materials for home, such as wooden furniture, carpets, wallpaper, floors, etc., and glue.


Formaldehyde has severe impacts on human bodies. Long-term exposure to an environment with high formaldehyde concentration can cause the following problems:

  • Cancer, including nasopharyngeal cancer, sinus cancer and leukaemia
  • Respiratory diseases , such as bronchopneumonia and pulmonary edema
  • Stimulate skin inflammation and rash
  • Miscarriage and teratogenesis may occur during pregnancy


The problems caused by formaldehyde are numerous. The World Health Organization has listed formaldehyde as a first-level carcinogen. Therefore, the removal of formaldehyde is prominent after move-in, renovation and new furnishings.

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Formaldehyde Removal Method 1: Formaldehyde Removal Spray

If you prefer to remove formaldehyde without the help of others, or just simply want to remove the formaldehyde on new furniture, getting a formaldehyde removal spray should be perfect for you. In principle, the method is the same as that of the formaldehyde removal services, but you will have to spray it yourself.


Similarly, in addition to formaldehyde removal spray, there are two other options: photocatalyst and non-photocatalyst, catering to different needs. However, kindly note that you must follow the instructions when using to avoid unevenness or leaving marks on the surface of the object or wall.


Formaldehyde Removal Spray Comparison

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  Raze Wood Anti Bacteria
and Odors Spray 250ml
EcoPro Air Catalyst VOCs
Removal Spray 300ml
Chitin Antibacterial Spray
EcoPro Japan
Formaldehyde Removal
Spray Kit Set
Envirosafe Water
Cleaning Series – Nature
HCHO Cleaning Agent
Brand Raze Technologies Limited
Honour Envirosafe
Tech Limited
Green Manner Limited Honour Envirosafe
Tech Limited
Honour Envirosafe
Tech Limited
Results Decompose Formaldehyde, TVOC, Antibacterial, Eliminate Odour Decompose Formaldehyde, TVOC, Antibacterial, Eliminate Odour, Mildew Resistant Decompose free formaldehyde/VOC, purify, Antibacterial, Eliminate Odour Decompose Formaldehyde, TVOC, Antibacterial, Eliminate Odour, Mildew Resistant Decompose Formaldehyde, TVOC, Antibacterial, Eliminate Odour, Mildew Resistant
Volume 250ml 300ml 300ml Chitin: 300ml
Air-catalyst: 300ml
Price HK$123(15% OFF)
(Original Price: HK$145)
HK$398  HK$312(5% OFF)
(Original Price: HK$330)

HK$760(5% OFF)
(Original Price: HK$796)

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Formaldehyde Removal Method 2: Natural Substances

Maintaining good indoor ventilation and having plants like chrysanthemums, tigertail orchids  and ivy etc. are natural methods to remove formaldehyde but they may not be suitable for some environment. Good ventilation requires opening doors and window however, there are fewer windows in office and plants take a really long time to purify formaldehyde completely so the risks may still exist.

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Formaldehyde Removal Method 3: Air Purifier

When talking about formaldehyde removal products, many people will think of air purifier. Most air purifiers in the market remove formaldehyde, and they mainly rely on three components:


Negative ions: The air purifier releases negative ions into the air, which can be combined with formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses or PM2.5 to make them settle, and negative ions will even degrade formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water


Active carbon: A filter made of activated carbon can absorb formaldehyde during the process of pumping air and filter out odour


Photocatalyst: The meaning of photocatalyst refers to the catalysts that use light energy to carry out catalytic reactions, while in formaldehyde removal, titanium dioxide (TiO2) will be used. To put it simple, the filter screen containing titanium dioxide in the air purifier absorbs the passing formaldehyde and uses light to produce catalytic effect, thereby converting the formaldehyde into carbon dioxide or water. In addition to formaldehyde, photocatalysts also have very strong bactericidal and virus-killing capabilities.


Formaldehyde Removal Air Purifier Comparison

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  PPP High Performance Air
Purifier PPP-400-01
Smarteach Smart Silent
Multi-Function UV
HEPA Air Purifier
EcoPro VOC-250
Photocatalyst Air Purifier
EcoPro WP500 Water Filter
Technology Air Purifier
Suitable for 380 – 550 sq. feet 200 sq. feet 250 – 300 sq. feet 500 sq. feet
Filter Activated Carbon Filter,
Negative Ion
Activated Carbon Filter, Negative Ion Photocatalyst, Negative Ion,
Ultraviolet Light, HEPA Filter,
Activated Carbon
HCHO Cleaning Agent,
Formaldehyde Decomposition Ball, Ceramic Ball,
Activated Carbon
Price HK$4,930(15% OFF)
(Original Price: HK$5,800)
HK$1,498 HK$2,660(30% OFF)
(Original Price: HK$3,800)


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Formaldehyde Removal Method 4: Formaldehyde Removal Services and Company

The use of photocatalyst is not only limited to filters, it can also be made into preparations. Currently, many formaldehyde removal services in Hong Kong provide door-to-door formaldehyde removal services, it mainly include spraying photocatalyst preparations containing titanium dioxide to different corners at your home. When the preparations are exposed to light, they will produce catalysis to remove formaldehyde.


Relative to c, some formaldehyde removal companies use air photocatalyst as a means to remove formaldehyde. This type of formaldehyde removal spray uses air as a medium to decompose formaldehyde. The advantage is that it can be used if there is not enough light in the place, in the closet, under the bed and other places. When you choose a formaldehyde removal company, you can additionally request for a spray to remove the odor. The price of formaldehyde removal varies. Check the following recommendation of the formaldehyde removal company:


Formaldehyde Removal Company Comparison

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  Envirosafe “Japan Patent”
Air-catalyst VOCs
Removal Service
Envirosafe Air-catalyst,
Chitin catalyst VOCs and
Odor Removal Service
GoGreen Japan Supreme In addition to
Formaldehyde Combination
(Medical Photocatalyst + Decomposition
Source + Deodorant Purifying Agent)
Service Provider
Honour Envirosafe
Tech Limited
Honour Envirosafe
Tech Limited
GoGreen Environmental
Service Limited
Type of Photocatalyst Air Photocatalyst Air Photocatalyst Photocatalyst
Service Formaldehyde Removal Formaldehyde Removal
Odour removal
Formaldehyde Removal
Odour removal
VOC Data Report
(before and after
formaldehyde removal)

Included Included Included
Price (according to area)

349 sq. ft or less: HK$2,699
350 – 549 sq. ft : HK$3,600
550 – 749 sq. ft : HK$4,400

349 sq. ft or less: HK$3,999
350 – 549 sq. ft : HK$5,900
550 – 749 sq. ft : HK$7,800
400 sq. ft or less: HK$2,300
401 – 500 sq. ft : HK$2,550
501 – 600 sq. ft : HK$2,800
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Different Formaldehyde Removal Methods

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  Air Plant Air Purifier Formaldehyde
Removal Company
Removal Spray
Principle Maintain indoor ventilation so fresh air can reduce formaldehyde concentration        
Formaldehyde Removal Effectiveness Moderate Moderate Effective Very effective Very effective
Required Time 2 weeks to 1 month Years Have it on 24/7
for a period of time
Immediate Immediate
  • Air ventilation is completely natural
  • Use it as home decoration
  • Some air purifiers are well-certified
  • Door to door services by professionals
  • Formaldehyde Removal effectiveness last for several years
  • You can specify the formaldehyde removal location or object according to your own needs
  • Formaldehyde Removal effectiveness last for several years
Pain Point
  • May require electric fan to enhance air ventilation

  • All doors, windows, cabinets and drawers need to be opened

  • Bad weather may affect ventilation

  • The Formaldehyde Removal process is slow, serves as an auxiliary
  • The effectiveness of air purifier differs
  • Excessive power consumption
  • The filter has to be replaced regularly
  • Not applicable to individual rooms or furniture
  • Require cleaning the  environment before spraying
  • The catalyst coating has to be dried before cleaning
  • Required to spray according to instructions and all safety measures should be well-carried out
  • Self-spraying may be uneven, which will affect the effect
  • Clean the spraying location or objects before spraying
  • The catalyst coating has to be dried before cleaning

Combining the above methods, the formaldehyde removal company for new homes and newly renovated homes will have a better effect of removing formaldehyde than other methods. If it is for individual rooms or new furniture, it is best to spray the formaldehyde removal spray by yourself, but no matter what you choose, the removal effect of formaldehyde will be better with good ventilation as air photocatalyst requires continuous supply of fresh air to decompose formaldehyde.


As for the price of formaldehyde removal, formaldehyde removal companies and formaldehyde removal sprays have significant effects, although they cost more than others, you do get what you pay for, the formaldehyde could be removed at once and your home will be formaldehyde-free.

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