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It should not be a surprise that many people conduct yearly body check as a method to safeguard their health and to prev 2021-07-13

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As the humid and hot weather approaches, many people are seeing signs of skin allergies. It makes us wonder what causes 2021-01-19

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Wedding ring, check; wedding venue, check; wedding dress, check… So you think you have everything down before you 2021-01-18

Pap Smear Can Effectively Prevent Cervical Cancer

Pap Smear, also known as Cervical Smear, is currently the most effective screening test for cervical cancer. It is a sim 2021-01-06

Are These Signs of Heart Disease? 6 Essential Cardiac Checkup Items (Include Hong Kong Cardiac Center Recommendations)

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Which Hong Kong private hospital health checkup should you choose? (include checkup package price and clinic address)

In addition to getting health check up from medical centres, you can also choose to go to a private hospital. Private ho 2020-12-11

Discount code for Health Check-up Plans/ promo code 2020 for health examination packages

Hong Kong body check promotion! Latest body check credit card discount code/promo code (NEW! As of Sep 2020) People in H 2020-12-09
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