Top 8 Gynecological Examinations/Woman Body Check in Hong Kong


Regardless of your age, all women have a chance of developing some sort of gynecological disease. This is why the best method of prevention is to take a gynecological examination/woman body check. Because the tests are able to spot early signs of diseases, you can get the assistance from gynecologists ASAP! With that said, you may ask the following questions: what are the differences between the various female checkup? Where is Hong Kong’s best gynecological examination? What are the most common gynecological assessments? Below, we have listed the top 8 medical centres in Hong Kong and have compared their prices, assessment variety and more!


Most common gynecological examinations include a pap smear, bone density test, pelvic ultrasound, breast ultrasound and tumour marker tests. When selecting your ideal medical check-up plan, you can choose the ones suggested above.




In order to allow you to, all at once compare the woman body check packages, we have carefully considered various factors and have created the following table below for your reference: 


Comparison table: The various woman body check plans 


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  Annual Female Health Check (Excel Plan) Women Health Check Plan Female Gynaecological checkup plan ESD Female Health Assessment Package - By General Practitioner Gynecological Disease & Check-up - Detail Female Check Up Package - Basic Women Supreme Health Check Plan Perfect Women Plan
Body check centre Mobile Medical Medtimes Health Gene Adventist Kinetics Quality HealthCare Human Health UMP
Body check price $2,310 $2,100 $1,180 $2,200 $2,180 $2,080 $2,980 $2,400
Locations Jordan, Tsuen Wan, Causeway Bay Causeway Bay, Sheung Shui, Tsim Sha Tsui Tsim Sha Tsui Causeway Bay Causeway Bay, Jordan, Tsuen Wan Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok, and 13 more! Mongkok Causeway Bay, Jordan and 4 more!
No. of check-up items 72 16 9 30 64 52 53 64
Body check centre's specialty
  • Includes 4 types of ultrasound tests (pelvis, breast, thyroid, bone density)
  • Breast and ovarian tumor marker tests 
  • Test conducted by a female doctor
  • Includes 4 types of ultrasounds (uterus, ovaries, bladder, breasts)
  • Cervical smear
  • Report produced in 5 days
  • Breast and pelvic ultrasounds
  • Pap smear
  • Pap smear
  • Chest X-ray
  • Breast and ovarian tumor marker tests
  • Ultra thin pap smear
  • Breast and pelvis screening by doctor on site
  • Pap smear
  • Breast ultrasound screening
  • Pelvic ultrasound screening
  • Cervical smear
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Mammogram
  • Traditional / ultra thin Pap smear
  • Breast and pelvis examination by doctors on site
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1. Mobile Health Check & Medical Centre Limited


Healthcare centre's specialty

  • Mobile Medical's Mobile Medical’s gynecological examination includes many assessments (e.g. ultrasounds, marker tests, pap smear, etc.) that target bone density, breast, thyroid and pelvis. Women’s body checks up items are considered broad-ranged and comprehensive.
  • Locations: Jordan, Causeway Bay, Tsuen Wan
  • A female doctor can run the gynecological examination.


Body check-up centre's selling points: Annual Female Health Check (Excel Plan)

  • 【MUST DO】:4 types of ultrasound screenings (breast, bone density, thyroid and pelvic)
  • 【MUST DO】:2 types of tumour marker tets (ovarian and breast)
  • 【MUST DO】:Traditional pap smear examination
  • Within the medical market, conducting an ultrasound test on a specific area can cost as much as $1000. There are four types of ultrasound tests in this healthcare package, and thus, its price can be relatively high.
  • This medical check is suitable for all women of all ages, especially those who are currently working, as well as those who want to receive a targeted, comprehensive gynecological examination. 


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2. Medtimes Medical Group


Healthcare centre's specialty

  • Medtimes' women’s medical report can be completed in 5 days.
  • The body check is suitable for women over 25. For those who are interested in completing ultrasound tests, Medtime’s package includes 4 ultrasound assessments (listed below in “healthcare centre’s selling points”)
  • Locations: Causeway Bay, Sheung Shui, Tsim Sha Tsui女性身體檢查設5日特快報告


Healthcare centre's selling points: Women Health Check Plan

  • 【MUST DO】:4 types of ultrasound assessments (uterus, ovaries, bladder and breasts)
  • 【MUST DO】:Ultra-thin cervical smear
  • Medtimes also offers health screenings for common problematic illnesses that are among women such as bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas (STD) and yeast infection.
  • This is suitable for women over 25, including those who are in their pre-marital stage. 


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3. Health Gene Limited


Body check centre's specialty

  • Health Gene offers women traditional health examinations and advanced comprehensive cancer health check plan.
  • This plan is suitable for women over 18 years. It also includes two types of ultrasound tests.
  • Locations: Ocean Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui


Medical check-up's selling points: Female Gynaecological checkup plan

  • 【MUST DO】2 types of ultrasound tests (chest and pelvic ultrasounds)
  • 【MUST DO】Pap smear
  • But this medical check does not include any blood-related examinations such as liver function, lipid blood, thyroid tests etc.
  • Suitable for those who already take annual full-body checks and would like to complete more specific, targeted examinations. 

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4. Adventist Medical Centre


Full medical check-up specialty

  • Adventist Medical Centre Adventist Medical Centre is managed by the Adventist Hospital and has general and specialized outpatient clinics. Professional and reliable medical plans are suitable for the general public.
  • Report details will be explained by the doctors, and additional medical advice can also be provided if needed.
  • Location: Causeway Bay 


Hong Kong body check selling points: ESD Female Health Assessment Package - By General Practitioner

  • Includes 30 types of assessments 
  • 【MUST DO】:Cervical examinations (pap smear)
  • Although this health examination does not include ultrasounds but does include other popular tests such as chest X-ray, resting electrocardiogram (resting ECG), LE cell and liver function tests etc. 

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5. Kinetics Medical & Health Group Co., Ltd


Full body check's centre specialty

  • Kinetics is Hong Kong’s first healthcare centre that offers pre-marital check-up--- its quality and services are guaranteed.
  • Suitable for all ages, or working women who would like to complete specific, targeted examinations.
  • Locations: Causeway Bay, Jordan, Tsuen Wan 


Healthcare centre's selling points: Gynecological Disease & Check-up - Detail

  • Offers 64 different types of health assessments
  • 【MUST DO】2 types of assessments (ovarian cancer and breast cancer marker tests)
  • 【MUST DO】Ultra-thin pap smear test
  • This body check package includes chest X-ray, fecal occult blood and stool examinations, comprehensive chest and colon cancer risk assessments.
  • Other common medical body checks include blood test, liver and kidney function examinations, cholesterol, resting electrocardiogram (resting ECG), bone density examinations. 

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6. Quality Healthcare Physical Centres


Hong Kong Body check's specialty

  • Quality HealthCare is Hong Kong’s largest private medical group. The quality of medical examination is guaranteed.
  • Locations: North Point, Quarry Bay, Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Central (2 medical examination centres), Sheung Wan, Mongkok, Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui (2 health examination centres), Kowloon Bay, Tseung Kwan O, Sha Tin, Tsing Yi, Tung Chung
  • A few health assessment centres are open on Sundays and Public Holidays


Medical check-up's specialty: Female Check Up Package - Basic

  • There are 52 types of assessments. 
  • Doctors will examine the breast and pelvic area 
  • 【MUST DO】Traditional pap smear
  • Women’s body check includes liver, kidney function and lung examinations, lipid blood, cardiac stress, vision and hearing test, resting electrocardiogram (resting ECG).
  • A doctor will be able to explain your health report thoroughly and can provide medical advice. 

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7. Human Health Associate Limited


Healthcare centre's specialty

  • Human Health is a one-stop shop for medical services. The medical check-up centre is open on Saturdays
  • Location: Mongkok
  • The doctors will be able to explain the health reports thoroughly and can provide any medical advice if needed.


Body check-up's selling points: Women Supreme Health Check Plan

  • This medical package contains 53 types of body check assessments.
  • 【MUST DO】1 type of ultrasound test (breast/pelvic)
  • 【MUST DDO】2 types of cancer marker tests (ovary and breast)
  • Blood, kidney and liver function tests, cholesterol, bone density, blood tests, resting electrocardiogram (resting ECG).
  • Suitable for all ages, or working women who would like to complete specific, targeted examinations. 


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8. UMP Medical Services


Full body examination's specialty

  • UMP is found all over Hong Kong. The advanced medical instruments used in this medical centre are commonly found in medical groups so you are guaranteed to have high quality body check reports.
  • Locations: Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay (2 medical centres), Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan, Sha Tin. 


UMP's selling points: Perfect Women Plan 

  • UMP offers 64 different health examinations
  • 【MUST DO】Breast examinations: After the examination and evaluation, you can complete a mammogram (suitable for women over 40 or women with symptoms) or a breast ultrasound. 
  • 【MUST DO】Besides cervical tests (traditional and ultra-thin pap smear), women’s health check plans include German measles, syphilis, thyroid function, breast and pelvis, blood disease-related examinations, etc.
  • Women’s health examination will be conducted by a doctor and he/she will be able to explain your health report results as well as provide medical advice if needed.

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