Hong Kong Cardiac Advanced Coronary Artery Disease & Stroke Screening Package

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Cardiac and Vascular screening Highlight
  • CT Coronary Angiogram + Calcium Score
  • Carotid and Cerebral Angiogram
  • Resting ECG 
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Basic Health Assessment
Doctor Consultation
  • Doctor Consultation
Blood Check
Kidney Function
Renal Condition
  • Report explanation -by Cardiologist

Included Cardiac and Vascular screening , Blood Test, Lipid, Liver and Renal Function, Kidney Function, Thyroid Function, Gout screening and Diabetes

Recommended for:
- Those who want a comprehensive cardiac status checking, including structure and function of the entire heart, as well as any occlusion in the heart arteries.
- Those who want to ensure a healthy heart before engaging in heavy physical training.

Not suitable for :
- Significant abnormalities shown on resting ECG or with mobility difficulties.

1. Non-invasive and no radiation
2. If you are on medication, please notify our staffs when making an appointment
3. Exercise ECG included, please prepare sportswear and shoes or wearing light clothing on the exam day

*Patients will have to pay a consultation fee of $300 if considered not suitable for the checkup upon doctor's consultation. The remaining balance will be refunded.

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