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FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan (60 capsules)



  • Relieve discomfort of post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy, such as hair loss, mouth ulcers, digestive problem like eating difficulties, bad absorption, etc.
  • Induces apoptosis of abnormality cells, and Inhibit angiogenesis of abnormality cells
  • Improve liver function and boost immunity, protect gastrointestinal health
  • Low Molecular Extraction Biotechnology improve activity and human absorption
  • High Purity, No contamination, No unpleasant algae odor


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60 capsules. Each 10 capsules in a blister.



Small Molecule Fucoidan

Extraction from Natural Fucoidan.High Quality.Safety
Fucoidan is a kind of water-soluble polysaccharides mainly composed of Fucose extracted from oceanic brown seaweed. It has been proven to have a sound auxiliary mechanism for maintaining health; long-term consumption can relieve fatigue, improve appetite and immunity.
Seaweed contains rich nutrition components, including that human needed such as carbohydrate, protein, amino acids, vitamin (B1、B2、 B12、C) , carotenoid and many minerals which cannot be provided by vegetables on land (such as iodine, calcium, manganese, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, and selenium). And its fat content is extremely low (about accounted for 0.2-2% around), therefore, it is regarded as natural health food with balanced nutrition.
For hundreds of years, Brown seaweed, the largest seaweeds in size has been considered as one of the best source of natural nutrition food. Most brown algae contains Fucoxanthin, showing yellowish brown color on its body. Also, there is a sticky ingredient extracted from brown seaweed which is mainly composed of sulfated polysaccharide, and is a kind of water-soluble fiber, often called "Fucoidan”.


Low Molecular Extraction Biotechnology
Made in Taiwan Quality and Valuable
Fucoidan is extracted by low molecular biotechnology from high quality, natural and precious brown seaweed in the ocean, which is suitable for human health and physical fitness with high purity and effectiveness.
The brown seaweed is selected in the pure oceanic area, and the molecular weight technology is exclusively authorized by the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute, Taiwan Executive Yuan (COA).
The low molecular weight Fucoidan is about 500 Daltons, which is easily to be absorbed; with 40% higher bioactivity than other general Fucoidan. It is a very safe and high purity Fucoidan. In review of other sources of fucoidan in foreign countries, there are problems of heavy metal residues, algae smell and other issues, like contamination of radiation.


Suitable for

  • People who concern on chronic disease
  • People under condition of sub-health
  • Vegetarian


Take 2-3 capsules for daily health care, or 8 capsules for specially health care, once or twice a day on an empty stomach or as directed by your health care practitioner. Open the capsule and mix the powder inside with food or liquid food is also recommended.


Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place



  • Please keep out of reach of children
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