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HKAI MRI Whole Body Screening (Brain, Neck, Thorax, Abdomen & Pelvis) (Plain)

Recommended for

  • Recommended for 18 years old or above

  • People who do health check-up the first time or on regular basis

  • Patients who are fulfilling specific clinical criteria has been referred to the private sector for radiological diagnostic examinations.

  • People who care their health condition and looking for advanced health examination imaging

  • Customer need to provide referral letter from Dr. before the examination


Key Checkup Items:

  • Brain, Neck, Thorax, Abdomen & Pelvis MRI

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  • Brain
  • Neck
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen
  • Pelvis


  • Consultation before check-up
  • Face to face report interpretation by doctor
  • 2 days report day

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive examination designed to produce detailed images of the human body by utilising a strong magnetic field and radio waves. MRI is suitable for imaging most body parts (such as musculoskeletal and neurological systems) and is useful for check-up, medical diagnosis, staging of disease and follow-up without exposing the body to radiation.


The MRI machine uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to generate signals from hydrogen nuclei (protons) in your body. Protons can be found in water molecules, which is abundant in human. The signals received would then be used to generate images of your body.

Preparation for your MRI starts at home with the following few points to keep in mind:

  1. Eye make-up may be ferromagnetic and should be avoided on the day of examination.
  2. If you are having an abdominal or pelvic scan, please keep fast for a minimum of 4 hours prior to your scheduled examination.
  3. If you are having an MRCP scan, please keep fast for a minimum of 6 hours prior to your scheduled examination.
  4. Please bring along any previous films, discs or reports (if any) for reference.


For your own safety, it is advised that you inform us before the scan if you:

  1. Have cardiac pacemaker, cochlear implants or prosthetic heart valves.
  2. Have intravascular coils, filters or stents.
  3. Have automated insulin pumps or internal shunts.
  4. Have surgical clips, orthopaedic devices (e.g. screws, plates, wires) or any foreign metallic objects inside your body.
  5. Have intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCD), dentures or hearing aids.
  6. Have been hurt by metallic foreign objects or bullets (especially to your eyes) or engaged in hardware/metal industry.
  7. Have tattoos, permanent eye-lining or medicated patches.
  8. Have allergic history to gadolinium.
  9. Have impaired kidney function.
  10. Have claustrophobia.
  11. Are pregnant.
  12. Are wearing eye make-up, coloured or cosmetic contact lenses.



The MRI scanner is a cylinder shaped machine with an inner tube surrounded by a strong magnet. Patients lie on a moveable table which glides in and out of the magnet for examination.


Our MRI staff will help you lie on the table in a comfortable position. The table will glide in the machine gently until the examined body part is in the middle of the scanner. The tube is open on both ends so you can be relaxed during the examination. A call bell will be provided during the examination for you to inform radiographers if you are feeling unwell or need to be attended


Examination time varies depending on the body part imaged and the exam type (ranging from 15 minutes to more than an hour). Please be patient and keep still throughout the examination, as any movement during the scan will produce blurred images (just like taking a photograph) and will prolong the scan time as images would need to be reproduced


Throughout the examination, the scanner will generate some noise.


You should breathe normally unless instructed by the radiographers to hold your breath for certain examinations.

One-stop services:

  • provides medical consultation services, both diagnostic & multi-disciplinary specialist medical groups referrals.



  • After the customer completed payment from health.ESDlife , HKAI will call the customer to make an appointment within 1-2 business days.
  • Customers can also call for enquiries to center (Hotline: 2152 8540 / Whatsapp: 9885 9813).


A referral letter must present to the clinic staff on the day of service. (Apply to most checkup plans)


Validity period:
The examination plan is valid for one year. The customer must accept the relevant inspection within one year (from the date of confirmation of payment). The customer must make an appointment one month before expired.



  • Consultation before health check and Doctor Explanation of Report will be conducted in AI Medical Center.
  • Under normal circumstances, all medical reports will be ready around 2 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holiday). A delay in processing some requests due to the following reasons: indicate the specific selective.



  • This examination service cannot be exchanged for any cash, non-transferable and converted to other products and services.
  • This examination service cannot be used with other promotional packages and is only available for one person.
  • The customer need to agree with the arrangement from HKAI before the examination.
  • In case of any dispute, health.ESDlife & HKAI reserves the right of final decision.



  1. All health check/health screening services are not for the purpose of medical diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.   When there is any sign of symptom/disease in your health, please consult Doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment. 
  2. The Merchant is the service provider of this Service/Product.  ESD Services Limited (“Health.ESDlife”) is not the service provider of this Service/Product.  Health.ESDlife is irresponsible to any loss, injury or law action caused by using this service/product.  Any claims and inquiries should be addressed to the respective Merchant.
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Suitable for 18 years old or above
Pelvis MRI Brain Neck Abdomen
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