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Kangshifu San Tong 30 Sachets


ProPectin is made from Pharmaceutical-grade apple pectin, which is pesticide free and grown in Krakow, Poland. Owing to its high concentration of active compound D-Galacturonic acid, it has a unique potency. It’s nanosized production through a patented 6-step refinement process makes it more bioavailable, making it easy for the body to absorb. Its take 250kg of apples to make 1kg of apple pectin that is in ProPectin. ProPectin is clinically proven to assist the body in removing radionuclides and heavy metals.

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Country of Origin
Hong Kong


Package quantity
30 Sachets


Product Highlight:

  • Boost the strength of the immune system
  • Regulate the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthen liver detoxification
  • Balance bodily functions
  • Prevent gene mutations
  • Regulate nervous system
  • Maintain beauty and wellness
  • Anti-stress and anti-aging


The essence of the longest living animal “Crocodile” and plant “Pine” are being used as main ingredient for Kangshifu Santong.  The crocodile has an average life span of over 150 years old and inherently superior immune system.  The crocodile essence contains a small molecule of active oligos which can inhibit cancer cells tens of thousands times better than other animals. It also makes crocodile the only one on the planet that will not suffer from cancer. The crocodile embryo has life-active substances. These activity factors not only have anti-aging ability, but also can promote phagocyte function, thereby enhancing immunity and forming a strong defense system.


Protein peptides, DNS and SOD are extracting from the Thailand’s Crocodylus.  These extracts have a powerful function of promoting immune function, relax blood vessels, reduce blood vessel resistance, and increase blood flow in the heart. Western medicine is not used at all to reduce the blood concentration problem (blood viscosity), but the natural active ingredients such as matsutake, wild tea, polysaccharide in phospholipid (PSK), phospholipid peptide, tea pigment, etc. are used to reduce blood viscosity. The removal of micro-thrombi in the blood to purify the blood is the most basic link in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Kangshifu Santong was awarded the Gold Medal of Innovation at the 46th (2015 Milan) World Expo. This award was presented by the European Pavilion, Italian Pavilion, Venetian Pavilion.  It was the highest honor and affirmation to a Chinese products by the International Organization.


A collaborative study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong showed that: "Crocodile egg’s extract can greatly enhance function of immunity"


A comprehensive analysis of the clinical studies by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Guangzhou Branch) proved that: “Crocodile egg’s extract can reduce leukemia damage by 77%”.*

* Reference from 2006 “Oncology Reports” medical journal in Europe: “The experimental study of the effects of crocodile’s extracts on immune aging” by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Guangzhou Branch).


Wild tea, enzymes, collagen peptide, matsutake, phospholipids, ginseng fruit, grape seed, sesame phenol, citric acid and stevia


Suggested use: 

  • Take one sachet once or twice a day with 150 ml of warm water. Drink it after it is thoroughly mixed and dissolved in the water. 
  • May consume for one to three months
  • Indication: Those in need of rehabilitation and preventing recurrence after receiving stent operations.
  • Contradiction: Not suitable for pregnant women, people during fever symptom and allergic to the Product.



  • This product is for therapeutic use, a nutritional supplement, not a drug.
  • Use this product only after more than 2 hours with other medicines.
  • Every 1-3 months of use of this product, it is recommended to re-examine the body and pay attention to personal physical conditions such as mental, bowel movements, pulse, blood pressure, etc. It is recommended to consult your dietitian if necessary.
  • It is normal for the stool to become thinner or increase in frequency after using this product. If necessary, reduce or pause for 1 to 2 days.
  • The products are supplied by MoiAdore Company Limited
  • Products Photos are for reference only.
  • If in case of any dispute, MoiAdore and health.ESDlife reserve the right of final decision.



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