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Widex Elderly Hearing Assessment (aged 65 or above)

Recommended for

  • Recommended for age 65 or above


Key Checkup Items:

  • Hearing Assessment by Hearing Professionals (Around 20 minustes), Otoscopy, Pure Tone Audiometry, Written Report

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Hearing Test

  • By Audiologist
  • Otoscopy
  • Standard Pure Tone Audiometry

Elderly Hearing Assessment (aged 65 or above)

  • Age-related hearing loss (ARHL) is a chronic health condition that affects approximately one-third of the world's population. Hearing impairment could result in other health issue and affect elder's quality of life. Early detection and appropriate intervention could reduce the negative impact of hearing impairment.
  • This fundamental hearing assessment include otoscopic examination and Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), which would be performed by our qualified hearign professionals. After assessment, test results would be explained and appropriate management and intervention would be advised.


Elderly Hearing Assessment Includes:

  1. Otoscopic examination
    To identify the abnormalities at the outer ear region, such as earwax occlusion, perforated eardrum, otitis externa and etc.
  2. Pure Tone Audiometry
    The client is required to listen to different pure tones (250 to 8000 Hz) at different intensity. The client would be instructed to press the response button when the tones are audible. The sounds would be played through headphones or insert phones, and a small vibrating device placed behind the ear.
    To assess client's hearing ability; The degree and type of hearing loss would be identified.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The confirmation email will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after successful payment. Customers will be informed within 1-2 working days. Customers also can query your transaction in the next working day by Whatsapp to Widex Hong Kong Hearing & Speech Centre
  • This e-redemption letter and identity card shall be presented prior to the hearing assessment on the appointment day.
  • Hearing Test suitable for customers aged 18 or above, expect Infants Hearing Assessment.
  • Hearing Test Package with 6 months validity. Registration must be completed within 6 months after purchasing the coupon. Reservations are taken one month in advance. Invalid exceeds the period.


Report result explanation

After the hearing examination, it usually takes about 5 working days to follow up the examination report, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Customers can choose to pick up the report in person at the center during office hours, or mail it to the registered address by mail.



  1. If the customer does not collect the report within three months after the hearing test, all the reports will be destroyed and will not be saved. If the customer needs to request additional copies of the report (within three months after the test), an administrative fee of $150 will be charged. fee. NOTE: A copy of this report may not be complete.
  2. The client shall bear the risk of mailing the report.
  3. Except for infant hearing test, other hearing tests are limited to persons 18 or above.
  4. If the test cannot be successfully completed due to factors unrelated to the center (such as customer intelligence, reaction ability, etc.), the center will not be responsible for and refund.
  5. Once the purchase is confirmed, there is no change to the plan, transfer to a third party and/or refund.



  1. All health check/health screening services are not for the purpose of medical diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.   When there is any sign of symptom/disease in your health, please consult Doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment. 
  2. The Merchant is the service provider of this Service/Product.  ESD Services Limited (“Health.ESDlife”) is not the service provider of this Service/Product.  Health.ESDlife is irresponsible to any loss, injury or law action caused by using this service/product.  Any claims and inquiries should be addressed to the respective Merchant.
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Wong A*** 2024-04-11
聽力測試服務態度認真,但經esdlife 訂購後再要與服務提供者預約時間比較麻煩。
Chan S*** 2023-10-03
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