Picture of Yohome 5 in 1 New Cooking Folding Oven [Licensed Import]
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Yohome 5 in 1 New Cooking Folding Oven [Licensed Import]



  • One machine with five functions, multi-effects in one
  • Folding split heating design
  • Independent temperature control + flexible timing

Licensed Import

Warranty period: 12 month(s)


Deliver within 1 to 14 working day(s)

Shipping fee $40 applies

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Product Features

  • One machine with five functions, multi-effects in one: electric oven + hot pot + small stir-fry + fried meat plate + barbecue, multi-functions in one, multi-functions in one machine, super cost-effective. One machine can realize the functions of 5 machines, saving the cost of purchasing different electrical appliances and saving storage space
  • Folding split heating design: The body adopts a folding design, which can be expanded at 180°, and the unique machine use method allows the user to get a more unique and personalized cooking experience. The folding design allows the machine to have more different cooking methods. After unfolding the machine, you can use hot pot and grilling modes at the same time. A machine can be used for many changes. Different functions can be used at the same time and independent temperature control.
  • Independent temperature control + flexible timing: When using hot pot and fried meat/barbecue modes, you only need to unfold the machine and place the two pots separately to start using. The two functions can achieve independent temperature control during use. By adjusting the temperature on both sides, better local temperature control of different dishes. When using the oven mode, it can be intelligently timing, cooking does not need to wait, 60 minutes flexible timing, baking food is more worry-free
  • Visual design of glass window: The careful glass window design makes it convenient for users to better observe the changes of things when using the oven mode, and at the same time obtain a design-like appearance. What users buy home is not only an electrical appliance, but also It is a work of art that symbolizes a good quality of life
  • Detachable and washable bottom oil pan: The bottom pull-out oil pan can collect oil in the bottom oil pan when using the frying function, which is convenient for cleaning and cleaning the machine. Note that you need to add an appropriate amount of oil to the oil pan before using it. water
  • Food-grade anti-stick coating split pan: The deep pan and frying pan are made of food-grade anti-stick coating and anti-rust aluminum material. It is more comfortable to use and enhances the use experience. The anti-stick coating is easier to cook during use to prevent sticking. pot.
  • Intimate body design: comfortable handle, easy to hold; split socket, easy to store; non-slip foot pad, more stable; leaking hole type frying pan, light smoke and less oil; glass window recipe, intimate reminder. All the carefully designed designs are for the user's wonderful cooking experience. Yohome strives to create high-quality products, only for the trust of grateful users.


Product specifications

  • Unit of measurement: Taiwan
  • Color: mint green
  • Font: English+Traditional Chinese
  • Material: PET, rust-proof aluminum, glass top cover
  • Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
  • Power: 1600W
  • Maximum water volume each time: 2L
  • Baking pan temperature range: 180°C-230°C
  • Packing list: host + grilling net + deep pot + baking tray
  • Plug: BS British triangle plug
  • Color box size: 445*290*255mm
  • Product size: 408*266*203mm
  • Box gauge: 2pcs
  • Net weight: 5.5KG
  • Gross weight: 6KG




  • In order to avoid harm to the user and property damage due to incorrect operation, please read the product manual carefully before use. This product cannot be used by children or people with physical, sensory or mental impairments or people who lack experience and knowledge. Take care of children at all times and ensure that they do not play with this product. If the machine is abnormal, please stop using it in time and contact Tuoxiang after-sales maintenance center for product maintenance. Do not repair the product privately

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