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Swindon 2023/2024 Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (1 dose)

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  • Recommened for 6 months or above


The 2023/24 Influenza Vaccine is valid until Aug 31, 2024.

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  • Consultation prior to the 1st shot of vaccination
  • 2023-2024 Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine
  • Injection procedure is handled by medical professional

Swindon 2023/2024 Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine (1 dose)

Seasonal influenza vaccination is one of the most effective means to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications, as well as reduce influenza-related hospitalisation and death. Persons contracting influenza and COVID-19 at the same time may be more seriously ill and have a higher death rate. Influenza vaccination may reduce hospitalisation and the length of stay. It is important to receive both SIV and COVID-19 vaccination. Given that influenza vaccines are safe and effective, all persons aged 6 months or above, except those with known contraindications, are recommended to receive SIV for personal protection. Meanwhile, based on past epidemiological patterns, the winter influenza season usually starts in early January. However, the exact time of arrival cannot be predicted. As it takes about two weeks to develop antibodies, members of the public are advised to receive SIV early for protection against seasonal influenza.


The egg-based quadrivalent influenza vaccines recommended by the Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases (SCVPD) for the 2023/2024 season contain the following:

  • an A/Victoria/4897/2022 (H1N1) pdm09-like virus
  • an A/Darwin/9/2021 (H3N2)-like virus
  • a B/Austria/1359417/2021 (B/Victoria lineage)-like virus
  • a B/Phuket/3073/2013 (B/Yamagata lineage)-like virus


In the 2023/24 season, the Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases (SCVPD) recommended the following priority groups for seasonal influenza vaccination in Hong Kong:

1. Pregnant women
2. Residents of Residential Care Homes (such as RCHE or RCHD)
3. Persons aged 50 years or above
4. Persons with chronic medical problems*
5.Health care workers (including care workers in Residential Care Homes for the Elderly [RCHEs], Residential Care Homes for Persons with Disabilities [RCHDs] and laboratory personnel handling influenza virus specimens)
6. Children and adolescents aged six months to under 18 years (or aged 18 years or above studying in secondary schools in Hong Kong)
7. Poultry workers
8. Pig farmers and pig-slaughtering industry personnel


* If it is considered as inapproriate to get vaccinated, the full amount shall be returned. health.ESDlife and Swindon have sole discretion to make the final decision.


The confirmation email will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after successful payment. Customers will be informed within 3 working days. Customers also can query your transaction in the next working days.


Health Checkup Package Validity

  • Health Checkup Package with 1 year validity. Registration must be completed within 1 year, e.g. purchase date is 1st January 2020, customers must be registered on or before 1st January 2021. Reservations are taken one month in advance. Invalid exceeds the period.
  • Vaccinations service must be evaluated by the doctor. If doctor determine the vaccination request is not suitable to the patience, this vaccinations service will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded. All vaccinations are administered by a registered medical practitioner. 
Check Up Report
After the health check up, it usually takes about 4-6 working days to process the inspection report. Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. This time frames are for guidelines only & do not reflect the actual time might be needed (e.g. the timeframe might change depend on the individual test has taken or specific timeslot requested by the customer). Detailed Health Check Written Report is included.
A. Local and overseas clients:
  1. Collection by yourself: go to the centre directly
    Hotline: CWB (852) 3188 1722 / MK (852) 3529 2004
  2. Telephone briefing report (self-collection report) ***
Self-collection reporting time *** 
Monday to Friday     15:00pm-18:00pm 
Saturday afternoon  14:00pm-15:30pm


  1. All health check/health screening services are not for the purpose of medical diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.   When there is any sign of symptom/disease in your health, please consult Doctor immediately for diagnosis and treatment. 
  2. The Merchant is the service provider of this Service/Product.  ESD Services Limited (“Health.ESDlife”) is not the service provider of this Service/Product.  Health.ESDlife is irresponsible to any loss, injury or law action caused by using this service/product.  Any claims and inquiries should be addressed to the respective Merchant.
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