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Product: PSP_CDCA001

CATFEND Health Indicating Litter 2kg



  • Health Indicator
  • Reusable Silica Crystals
  • Zero Odor
  • Non-Toxic


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"Cafend Health Indicating Cart Litter is a revolutionary litter, developed by SungBo. The unique properties of the product, such as the early health detection system, door elimination, reusable silica crystals, anti-static function, anti-bacterial growth, non-toxic & biocompatible materials and high absorption rate, make Catfend Health Indicating Cat Litter the best choice to fit the needs of healthier cats and the lifestyle of their owners.

It Indicates certain abnormalities in cats' urine to check you cats' health daily. It detects four main abnormalities of cats' urine (Protein, Alkali, Bilirubin, Blood & change in pH). The early detection system of Catfend will alert the owner by changing the urine colour before the cat fully develops an illness. Since cats are not likely to reveal external signs of illness, it is essential to perform a daily health check in order to allow veterinarians to make an early diagnosis of certain illnesses. When the cat urinates on the litter, the normal collar is pale yellow to dark yellow. If another cooler (green, blue, brown or red) appears, the cats must be consulted by a veterinarian.


How to Use

  • Observe the color change of the cat litter regularly to determine the health of the cat. After the cat is excreted, the cat litter shows only a faint yellow color. If other colors appear, go to the animal hospital for inspection.



  • Natural fresh non-hazardous environmental protection materials



  •  Do not flush it directly into the toilet after use
  • Treat it as general household waste disposal
  • Store it in a dry and ventilated place
  • To avoid affecting the test result, please do not mix it with other raw materials or cat litter

* Color abnormalities only provide a ""warning"" for unhealthy urine. Actual problems need to be checked by the animal hospital before diagnosis can be made."

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