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FAIR CIRCLE Natural Heating Pad ( Wheat & Lavender)


  •  Temporary relief of pain, aching muscles and joints, and menstrual cramps. Promotes blood circulation. Lavender is relaxing and soothing. Helps reduce anxiety and promotes sleep.


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1)  Heating with Microwave:  Place the pad in the middle of microwave. Set for 60-90 seconds for heating in microwave of medium heat (800 Watts) according to preference. Adjust the heating time, if different power of microwaves are used.

    Heating with Rice Cooker: Place the pad into a rice cooker, Make sure the removable bowl is clean and dry. Choose general rice cooking function until it switches automatically to keep warm function. Extend the keep warm function if it is not warm enough.

2)   Test the temperature before putting on body. Apply to painful and fatigue body parts for relief.

3)    Heat sustains around 20 minutes. Reheatable. Minimize reheating time if the pad does not cool  down completely.


-  Avoid overheating, test the temperature before putting on skin.
-  People during pregnancy or with low blood pressure, please consult physician before using.
-  Stop using if adverse effects found.
-  Moist of wheat appears on bag after heating. Normal for first time usage or not in used after a period of time.
-  Avoid any metal or plastic parts to put in microwave.
-  Store in cool, dry places.
- Smell of Lavender ceased as time passes. For better storage, advice to put heating pad into seal plastic bag after cooling down.

 The pictures are for reference only

* Various patterns for heat pad cover. Please order in advance if specific pattern prefer.



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