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SAMBO+ Light Fresh® and Water Repellent Nano Spray 50ml/250ml


  • It is a unique patented product that is suitable to use on personal items such as clothes,
    handbags, hats, shoes etc.
  • Apart from forming a light fresh self-cleaning nano-coating that kills viruses, bacteria and decomposes harmful substances, it forms a water-repellent coating that prevents droplets that contain bacteria and viruses from sticking to objects.


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Only weak indoor light sources are needed to activate self decomposing function, no UV light or other equipment is required for activation. It is easy and concenient to use especially in indoor environment.
After spraying on an object's surface, a stable nano-coating will be formed on the surface for up to 6 months where there will be no chemical reaction with other cleaning products.

SAMBO+ can:
- Light self-cleaning
- Area purification
- Continuous protection through Nano-coating
- Toxic-free liquid solution
- Eco-friendly

SAMBO+ had been granted certicfication for:
- efficiently kill 99.9% of Staphylococcus Aureus, Echinoidea coli etc.
- efficiently kill Influenza A virus, coronavirus etc.
- decompose VOCs and formaldehyde
- deodorize

Scope of allocation:
- Wood
- Leather
- Wall
- Fabrics
- Ceramic
- Plastic

Certified by:
- SGS, CTI, Microchem etc.
- Passed the EU REACH harmful substances (SVHC) test


Product Specifications:
Capacity: 50ml/250ml
Main Ingredients: Water, Modified TiO2, Polysiloxane
Texture: Half-transparent aqueous solution
Smell: Fresh
Shelf Life: 3 years


1. Can I use the product at home if I have children, pregnant woman, elderly people or pets?
Absolutely. SAMBO light fresh series has passed different safety tests; it does not contain any harmful chemicals or irritate your skin. Also, you just have to spray surface of the object uniformly; it will perform its function after natural drying. Your family members can stay at home when you are spraying, unlike other home-cleaning services during which have to leave home temporarily.

2. Why do I have to spray the surface of the object on a regular basis?
When a self-cleaning nano-coating is formed, it works permanently. However, when people wash or rub the object, it may damage the nano-coating or even the surface of the object, so we recommend users to spray the solution on a regular basis to ensure 100% functionality.