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(Updated in September: HPV Vaccine Exclusive Offer) HPV is also known as Human Papillomavirus. Cervical cancer vaccines help with preventing cervical cancer, anal cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, genital warts, and other diseases. Therefore, men have a chance of being infected with HPV. It is recommended that both men and women be vaccinated against HPV! Interested in knowing where you can get the HPV vaccine in Hong Kong? Let’s also look into discounts for cervical cancer vaccines and learn about the effectiveness of them.

Types of HPV Infections and Their Origins

HPV, also known as Human Papillomavirus, has as many as 150 different viruses that can infect the human reproductive system. HPV stems from sexual activity and is spread, and infected through genital organs and skin contact. Both men and women have a chance of being infected:

  • HPV Type 6 and Type 11: can cause genital warts in men
  • HPV Type 16 and Type 18: can infect the cervix, and has caused over 70% of cervical cancer among women

A study conducted by the University of Hong Kong found that over half of the local college students interviewed did not know that both men and women could be vaccinated against HPV. Associated with the lack of awareness of the vaccine, the HPV vaccination rate in Hong Kong is low. But did you know that both men and women can be vaccinated with the HPV 9-in-1 vaccine? Click here to learn more about vaccine clinics and prices.

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Hong Kong HPV Vaccination, Prices, and Discounts at a Glance


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  **Limited Time Offer**
Medtimes Gardasil 9
HPV Vaccine(9 in 1)
(3 doses)
Quality HealthCare-
Gardasil 9 HPV Vaccine(9 in 1)
(3 doses)
Gardasil 9 in 1
HPV Vaccine(3 doses)
**33% off**
reHealth Gardasil 9 in 1
HPV Vaccine (3 doses)
Center Medtimes
Medical Group
Quality HealthCare
Physical Centres
Swindon Medical
Company Limited

Special price: HK$5,500
(Original price: HK$5,800)

HK$6,999 HK$7,800 Special price: HK$7,800
(Original price: HK$5,188)
Location(s) Sheung Shui Central, Mong Kok,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Sha Tin,
and 16 other locations
Causeway Bay Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay
Order now Out of Stock

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Limited Time HPV Vaccine Hong Kong Offer: Medtimes Gardasil 9 HPV Vaccine (9 in 1) (3 doses)

  • Medical center: Medtimes Medical Group
  • Cervical cancer vaccine price and reason for promotion: You can get the vaccine for a discounted price of HK$5,500. The price is relatively low (HK$5,500/3 shots), which can prevent 80-90% of HPV-related cancers and diseases (including cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vagina cancer, anal cancer, venereal disease, etc.). It is recommended that both men and women over 9 years old get vaccinated.
  • Location(s): HPV vaccination is only available in Causeway Bay and Sheung Shui medical center.

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HPV Vaccination Precautions FAQ


Q1: Who is suitable for the HPV vaccine? When is the best time to get it?

A: Both men and women older than 9 years old can receive the HPV vaccine. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that girls between the ages of 9 and 14 who are not sexually active should be listed as the main target group for HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer.


Under the “Hong Kong Childhood Immunization Programme,” girls are required to receive a total of two doses of HPV vaccinations; the first dose will be given in Primary Five and the second dose will be given in Primary Six.

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Q2: Who are the people at high risk of HPV infection?

A: Premature sexual intercourse, multiple sexual partners, previous sexually transmitted diseases, smoking, low immunity, long-term use of oral contraceptives, three or more births, and young pregnancy are all high-risk groups for HPV infection.

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Q3: Are there any side effects of the HPV vaccine?

A: The HPV vaccine does not have any serious side effects. Common side effects may include pain, swelling, bleeding, and redness or itchiness in the injected area. A few people may also experience a mild to moderate fever. These symptoms generally do not last and can be cured automatically. Before vaccination, the doctor will verify whether you are suitable for injection.

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Q4: How long is the HPV vaccine valid for?

A: The HPV vaccine is valid for at least 6 years and provides long-term protection for vaccinators. Booster doses are not recommended at this stage.

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Q5: Who is not suitable for HPV vaccination?

A: Patients who fall under the following list are not recommended to receive the HPV vaccination: allergic reactions to vaccine ingredients, pregnant or women who are planning to become pregnant, cervical cancer patients.

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HPV Prevention Methods

A) Regular Pap smear examination

An examination can be completed in just a few minutes. The doctor or nurse puts the speculum into the vagina and then uses a small wooden scraper or a plastic brush to take a sample of cells on the surface of the cervix. They will place the cells onto a glass sheet or into a liquid for storage, and finally, pull out the speculum. This test is suitable for sexually active women older than 25 years old. It is best to receive a Pap smear for 2 consecutive years. If the results are normal, they can be tested again after 3 years until they are 65 years old.

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B) Regular STD testing

The STD test is applicable to all regularly sexually active individuals. Even if they have only experienced one sexual partner, they should still go to clinics for STD testing regularly to protect themselves, their partners, and their next generations. Every year, around 12,000 people in Hong Kong are infected with a variety of STD through sexual contact. However, the initial symptoms of the transmitted diseases are not apparent and may even not show any symptoms. Only an early STD test can be used to determine whether they have the disease or not.

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C) Practice safe sex

HPV is mainly spread through sexual contact, so using condoms during sex and avoiding multiple sexual partners will help reduce the chance of contracting HPV.

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