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DogCatStar Hairball Relief Digestive Aid (Psyllium + Enzyme)



  • Promote gastrointestinal motility in dogs and cats
  • Help food and hair break down into small molecules, effectively improve constipation symptoms


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Brand: Wangmiao Planet
Brand name: Pai Maofen

Taste: Original
Capacity: 50g
Suitable for pets: dogs, cats
Origin: Taiwan

Psyllium dietary fiber, chicory fiber, deer wild chicken breast and liver, papaya enzyme, protease, fiber enzyme, lipase, amylase

Energy (kcal) 0.21
Protein (g) 0.0
Fat (g) 0.0
Saturated fat (g) 0.0
Trans fat (g) 0.0
Carbohydrate (g) 1
Dietary fiber (g) 1.0
Sugar (g) 0.03
Sodium (mg) 0.1


[Applicable status]

It is suitable for dogs and cats over 6 months old who have depilation needs and constipation. Natural plant fiber promotes gastrointestinal motility in dogs and cats; comprehensive enzymes help food and hair decompose into small molecules, effectively help hair bulbs discharge, and improve constipation symptoms.

【How to eat】
0.2-1 spoon each time for 6-12 months; 0.5-2 spoon each time over 12 months; 1 to 3 times a week.
Mix it with food and give it with sufficient water, and increase the amount if necessary.

This product cannot replace medical behavior, please consult a veterinarian for assistance if necessary.

Q1: Why do cats need to eat depilatory powder?
Cats comb their hair regularly, so they lick a lot of hair. However, too much hair in the stomach may cause the cat to vomit hair or block the intestines, so the hair needs to be discharged.

Q2: What's the difference between Wangmiao hair removal powder and Huamao cream?
Hair cream: Most hair creams on the market contain mineral oil and harmful chemical agents (such as trans fats, preservatives, fragrance pigments, etc.), which cannot help cats vomit hair smoothly, and also cause damage to the cat's body.
Depilatory powder: Natural ingredients, only adding psyllium & chicory fiber and Japan's top Amano enzyme. Free of mineral oil, preservatives, artificial chemicals and fragrances.

Q3: Do dogs need to eat depilatory powder?
The ingredients of Wang Miao Hair Removal Powder are natural fiber and digestive enzymes, which can help eliminate intestinal waste and defecation. Although dogs do not have the habit of licking their hair frequently, if they eat a lot of hair while playing, or if they have constipation, they can add hair removal powder to help eliminate hair and defecate.

*The composition and nutritional analysis are for reference only, please refer to the instructions on the packaging bag.

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Cheung C H 2023-09-05
This is a very good product! Should get that for your cat
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